Meet the new blog: www.themayfly.com/weblogBe sure to change your Bookmarks/Favorites to my new address and if you have been kind enough to link to me on your page, you can change that too. Thank you! I know, I know. It really looks about the same, but nod your head and smile and tell me it looks nice. I have been working on it FOREVER. And I am tired. There are still a few things to be tweaked, like learning how to handle comments, so please leave me one. I can categorize now- very cool, and I do not have to wade through uploading and picture problems- woo hoo! I couldn't have done this without my great friend, Michael. THANK YOU- I owe you and Tobi dinner! My webhosting company, ICD Soft, went way above and beyond the call of duty for a webhosting company and gave me much needed technical support. Thank you, Brian, for bearing with me through all my cussing this week. Now you'll see more than the back of my head staring into the computer screen. Believe it or not, I did this to save time. Ha! And now we move on... back to real life. Thank goodness. I have a lot of catching up to do. I need to make my niece a little cookbook to go with her apron and mail it off. I need to make someone sweet a baby gift and mail it off. I need to spend time with my kids and eat candy. Oh, and so much more to do. We had a great weekend. The kids went egg hunting in our yard this morning, and then we had a relaxing Easter picnic with my family.

uphigh.JPG downlow.JPG
I hope all of your eggs were filled with melty chocolate goodness!