p b & j

Jennifer- aka Aunt Jenny, do not read this if you don't want a sneak preview of M's cookbook.(I shouldn't have posted the apron and oven mitt yet; she tells me she likes to be surprised when she sees what I come up with for the girls.)

OK, everyone else, still there? Here's a sample of what I'm working on for Madison's cookbook. pbj.jpg I am making some simple little drawings on paper and then I'm going to laminate them and somehow put them together in a little fabric cover to match the apron. Here's what I need help with: I can't think of enough simple, easy-to-draw food items that a tiny kid might understand. So far I have a pb&j sandwich, lemonade, a bowl of cereal, and a smore. Any more suggestions? I have to get this done tonight so that I can mail it tomorrow. Her birthday party is this weekend. HELP?!