deceptively peaceful

lilacsThis Corner of my Home looks so nice and peaceful. This table sits behind our couch in the living room. It's one of the first things you see when you come in the front door. The table itself was made by my sweet Brian from all salvaged Habitat ReStore materials. The top is a window. The lumber is all used. It's painted a nice buttery yellow- also from the ReStore. (Cheap stuff there- check it out!) The lilacs are from the bush on the side of our house, and I LOVE them. They are the palest purple, not quite white, and smell heavenly. I seem to remember them being a little darker in years past. I wonder if something is up with the soil? Too acidic, not acidic enough? That's the good thing about photographs. You can set a stage, capture only what you'd like. This table is in the room we are currently remodeling. And remodeling around here is a slow process. Here's the scene while I took this picture: Directly behind me, over my right shoulder is the hole in the wall. Over my left is a section of torn up wall with exposed studs. To my feet is a crying baby. Poor N is fighting a sinus infection AND teething. She on antibiotics, but I don't know if it's working. In the kitchen is J, up on a step stool clanking around the cabinets, loudly searching and whining for more Easter candy. Outside dump trucks are rumbling by with loud brakes and heavy loads. There's some construction going on a few blocks over, and we must be on the dumping route. Needless to say, it was a two-cup-of-coffee morning. N is now down for an early nap, which will blow the afternoon nap, but Mommy just couldn't take any more. I tried to put the finishing touches on the cookbook, but I broke my hole punch trying to punch through the cover. I'll have to run to Kinko's this afternoon to see if they have a heavy-duty one. I'll post pictures of the finished project later. Maybe I'll ask a cute little somebody to model the ensemble all together. Jen, I'll take it to the post office late this afternoon, so I doubt it'll make it there by the party. Sorry! Let's just say I'd did it on purpose, to spread out the fun for a few more days! :)