corners of my home

Just a quick Corner today, nothing spectacular, but we're really feeling the need to appreciate our family around here this week. These are pictures of my babies when they were both new. N is on the left, J on the right. They were each about 3 weeks old.


Here is one other picture I took today. Thrifted goodness: a dress for the funky fabric, and some adorable, fancy French baby shoes ($2) The brand is babybotte- I looked them up and they go for about $50. I'm feeling good about that deal. They are size 24, which I think is about a 7. I can't imagine her feet ever being this big, but these kids do grow quickly!


Also, if I put this in writing, it might help me get it all done. Here's the stuff I've been working on this week: designing new tags redesigning my business cards still hunting for fabric tags ordered a rubber stamp of my mayfly logo from Office Max (only $13!) finishing up a little something for a not-so-little someone laundrypalooza (too bad it isn't as much fun as it sounds.)