five senses friday

We've been on an emotional roller coaster this week. Soon, maybe I'll talk about it. I thought this would be a calm, reflective way to wind it up.
SIGHT:</span. skinny little legs with knobby knees in tall black soccer socks my pretty new necklace yellow and white and maybe a little green, for my last minute Tie One On apron yellow puddles on the black driveway puddles

SOUND: my new favorite, baby N cough, cough, coughing in the night my dear mom's voice over the phone rain tapping on the roof

TASTE: homemade Italian sausage pizza tart dried cranberries in the sweet oatmeal cookies cranberries for the cookies breakfast for dinner: cheesy scrambled eggs, waffles, fruit a semi-sweet riesling chosen for the label alone riesling

SMELL: those oatmeal cookies in the oven clean kiddo hair j's bed- smells just like him sheets wet dog- blick!
TOUCH: a big hug from my mom snuggling N- she's only cuddly when she's ill soft little boy hair- "How long do you want to grow it, J?" "Three years." :) hair wet shoes, hands, pant cuffs
Noticing the trend? They are predicting rain ALL. WEEKEND. LONG. drip Thanks go to Shari for this nice idea.