sneak peak and sexercise

I am thinking that since Beki had that baby yesterday, and I'm just today sending her gift, that she might be a little bit busy with important stuff like kissing and cuddling and nursing and gazing and probably won't cruise around online and see this sneak peak. Beki, if you're camped out in bed with a nursing baby and a laptop, STOP READING PLEASE!

I made her a little something that I saw in this book from the library. Most of the stuff in there is a little over the top for me, with all the silk and fancy embroidery and beading, but my simplified version of their little flower bowl with a pincushion in the middle turned out very cute.

pincushion in bowl

I know it's a gift and I made it just for my new, sweet internet friend, but I had a really hard time wrapping it up to mail away. I think I might need one. And then there's a little something for baby Ava, a little fabric covered sketch book for Lily, and a store bought bubble do-hickey for Alex. I feel bad for the daddies. Don't they always get left out?

burp cloths

Click on these pictures to see more shots on Flickr. Also, notice my new labels. They are simple office supply labels for the little things I make and for gift tags. I set it up so that I could tape them 4 at a time to a sheet of paper to run through the printer. Works like a charm! Laura tagged me for a Ten Simple Pleasures meme so I'll try to get that up later, but I have Sexercise class tonight! Hee hee- it isn't really called that, I just like it. My friend Tobi started Makin' the Moves, a striptease workout class, and it is going to be featured on the news. She emailed to see if I wanted to attend tonight, partly so some of her regulars wouldn't feel pressured to be strippin' on TV and also just because it is so darn fun. I was in her "guinea pig" class. It was great. So if you don't hear from me tonight, it is because I'm off learning to get my sexy groove on!