BIG BIG weekend plans

See the capital letters up there? That's my way of typing sarcasm.Brian is gone on a road trip this weekend to here. There are about ten guys that go together every year and they are all good guys, don't get me wrong. But they all squeeze into a few hotel rooms, and I'm guessing the activity list includes belching and farting and scratching, way too much beer drinking and eating of the greasy fried foods, crude jokes, rumpus and laughing, not so much showering and hygiene, and other typical male pastimes. Needless to say, the girls are not invited, nor do we want* to go. *see the activities listed above. Once the kiddies are in bed this house is ahhhh... quiet. Here are my big plans for the weekend. plans.JPG So right now I'm still in the "oooo... it's nice and quiet around here" phase. Please check back Monday to hear about the "oh my lord, you kids are driving me batty, when does your $#@*!*% father get back?!" phase and see the results of my freezer paper printing attempts. Have a great weekend!