i survived

Well, we completely survived the daddy-free weekend, but I am so tired. The kids and I actually all got along marvelously and had a busy and fun weekend. We jumped feet first into this new week and now it is catching up with me.Saturday J had an EARLY soccer game, and then we went to the farmers' market with my mom. We came home with locally grown radishes, green onions, asparagus and some basil plants to pot. Here is a photo of N enjoying the live music. You simply can't appreciate her brand of dancing (twirling until she dizzily falls head first into something) unless you see it in person. She's got the music in her bones! mesmerizedLater in the day we headed down to the Brookside Art Fair. J was mesmerized watching some kinetic sculptures by Jeffrey Zachman. Marbles rolled along the cages, up the pulleys into the baskets, and so on, reminding me of that old game called Moustrap. It was definitely the hit of the show for the preschool set. Unfortunately for the artist, none of these little boys seemed to have the several thousand dollars it would have taken to get one of these dandies home. That evening my dad, J and I went to the Wizards soccer game, so we didn't even make it home to pickup N from my mom until almost 10:30 p.m. I did read most of my book, and although it is very sad, it is so good. I also got one t-shirt done for J with the freezer paper printing technique. I am hooked! It really is as easy and as instantly gratifying as everyone has been saying. It took me all of 10 minutes to cut out the frog and print it. I am thinking the possibilities with this are endless- I'm already making plans.

He of course wanted a train, but I am trying to broaden our horizons.
froggy shirt