a bunch of thank you's

Thank you, dear Jamilyn, for the cute little pad of paper that says "Compost happens."You are so thoughtful. Do you know me or what?! peonies Thank you, Mother Nature, for making peonies smell so sweet, even if your little pollinator friends follow them into the house. I'm trying my best to do right by you.
Thank you, Mom, for teaching me so much about parenting. Really, you are the best.
Thank you, J and N, for making me a mom so I can try it all out.
through the fence Thank you, J, for doing so well at your baseball and soccer games on Saturday. May this be the only weekend for awhile that two sport seasons overlap. Too busy. Thank you, Brian, for taking two days to prepare and smoke the ribs for our Mother's Day Feast. Yum. It really was a feast.
thank you bags Thank you, Peggy and Terri, for being the two best preschool teachers ever. You have made J's introduction to the world of formal education joyous and not so formal. Enjoy the little bags.
Thank you, Blair, for the instructions for the fabric flower pins. So fast and easy, and the perfect finishing touch for the bags. Thank you, bloggers and blog readers, for providing me with much-needed creative inspiration and encouragement. You have taught me how different and yet alike we all are. Wonderful.
Thank YOU for bearing with me through all these thank you's...