more bags, cheesy grins, temporary tags

I'm in a groove. I stitched up this bag for my friend Kelley. The denim is from a shirt Brian tossed into the Goodwill bag, which I snatched out. The yellow is left over from this and this.When I was about three, we moved to our new house, the house my parents still live in and from which we now live about two blocks. Kelley lived up the street. My earliest memory of her is her brother pulling her down the street in a red wagon. We went to school together from day one and remained friends the whole time. Sometimes close and sometimes not so close, but never once did I not consider her a friend. One year, her parents decided they were going to relocate to Florida. So, in innocent kid fashion, I gave her a Christmas ornament with my picture in it. Then they decided to stay. Years later, she still kids me that her brother and sister would squawk every year when someone pulled out that ornament. "Oh, come on! Do we really need a picture of Alicia on our tree?!" If I remember right, this is the picture. Yikes! I don't blame them! (OK, but look at the picture: take off the long blond hair and who do you see? This little boy?) Anyway, Kelley ended up getting married and had two great sons. Time has passed, and she is now divorced and remarried to a great guy named Eric. Since her divorce Kelley has been going to college and just graduated with her Bachelor's degree. So she took an unconventional route, but she's come a long way. Way to go, sister! We are all proud of you. travel pouchIn other sewing adventures... I made this little travel bag for Patty, who gracefully runs J's school. I LOVE his preschool and tomorrow is his last day. The teachers are the most patient and loving women I have ever met. Seeing them handle the rough situations amazes me. J is fine. Mommy is having a bit of trouble saying goodbye. tagOh, and see my little temporary tags? I tried using my mom's sewing machine to stitch Mayfly on twill tape, but it didn't work very well. I ordered some woven ones from here. I'll let you know how they end up. Could one entry ramble more or cover more subjects?! I think not.