it's good to be home


We had a wonderful trip to St. Louis. We took the Amtrak, and it was two hours late arriving. Yes, J, N and I were on the train for 7 hours. All I can say is my children are amazing. They were so well behaved and didn't moan or squawk the whole trip. When we boarded early in the morning, there were more than a few of those "Oh my God, no, don't let them sit by me" looks thrown our way. But several people came by and complimented me on how great they were doing. Mama was thoroughly proud.

sharon's sunroom

My mural went well. I think it turned out nice, and Sharon, Brian's aunt, was very happy with it. It was so fun to paint for her. She and I gabbed away the whole time- she's one of those people that is so easy to talk to. I love her dearly. She's off to Italy tomorrow for a vacation. (She stayed in the villa a few years ago that we put in the mural.) Friday evening we ate at a restaurant called The Crossing. It is in old downtown Webster. Good food, nice weather, and a few trains passing by. Who could ask for more? Brian came Friday evening after work in the car to join in on the vacation.


Maw Maw and Da babysat so we could spend Saturday evening with dear old college friends. Brad and Katherine hosted a small reunion barbecue for a bunch of us. Thank you, guys! It was truly great to hang out and catch up. And behalf of all of us, I'd like to apologize to the nice non-Truman spouses (Jamilyn's Tom, Dave's Jane, and Bill's wife who's name has left me. They got there late, and I had, um, consumed a few of these beauties.) Thank you for bearing with our old boring stories! Sunday we went to Grants Farm, which is very entertaining and is free. They even give you a free Anheuser-Busch beverage at the food court! Free beer! I kid you not. Then later in the evening we all barbecued at Kim's. And there was even more. Sheesh, weekends like these make you glad to be alive. But there's nothing like a trip to make you happy to come home. We all slept like rocks in our own beds last night. Click here to see all the Flickred pics. Hope your holiday weekend was all you hoped it would be!