peas, please

peas up closeWe are tree huggers. Well, I'd say we try our best. I'd love to shop at Whole Foods or Wild Oats, but we just can't afford it. So when I shop, I try to buy most of the organic products offered at our grocery store. I believe that the more mainstream organic products become, the cheaper they will get. And recently I have tightened up my grocery standards.peasI am trying to buy fewer items that have enriched flour (all the good stuff is taken out and a little bit is added back in), high fructose corn syrup (super sugar- who needs that?!) and partially hydrogenated oils (um, yuck). If the first five ingredients include any of these, I don't buy it. And it's hard. Even our favorite whole grain bread has high fructose corn syrup! Now, I'm not trying to overdo it. I don't want those foods to be off limits. J always gets to pick out a "treat", and he always picks out something worthless. But that's ok. Everyone needs their treats. But I'm really trying to make an effort. I need to feel like I'm doing what I can to protect our health, and the health of the planet. pea eaterThis year we have joined a csa. It is called Rolling Prairie and we get a big bag of organic produce every Wednesday. One year we joined alone and ended up composting a lot of this locally hand-farmed produce. We just couldn't eat it all. So this time, we're splitting it with my parents. This week we got a big bag of snap peas. I sat down at the table to shell them, and J wanted to eat one raw. Now, there's nothing like raw, garden fresh peas, so I said sure. J and N and I sat on the couch and ate the entire bag, like three peas in a pod. As N wisely puts it, mmmmmm. We also got a little container of strawberries. They are tiny, imperfect, and melt-in-your-mouth sweet. A little bite of pure summer.