thanks, blogging buds

Thank you so much, everybody, for humoring my shameless plea for comments! It really does make my day! [keep it up, please]Remember the new house thing? It fell through. We were really going to do it. It would have meant a monster "bridge loan" so we could afford two houses for a few months, but before we could make an offer, the owner signed a contract. I was a little sad. Oh well- it wasn't meant to be. But now it has really given us incentive to get working on this house, just in case something like this comes up again. Cleaning out the basement of all the junk is priority number one, and this is going to help: Why haven't I ever used this before?! I made a few of the Mailorder Club bonnets this weekend. So very cute, fast and easy. Photos to come soon. Have a great Monday, nice blogging buddies!