puppy days of summer

A most beloved time of year.

The days are long and warm, but not yet stifling. The evening winds down with a meal of grilled pizzas on the patio. grilled pizzas.JPG Citronella candles burn to shoo the mosquitoes. It's time to put on your swimsuit and flip-flops for the first time this year. pool.JPG An afternoon trip to the pool stretches into evening when Daddy brings a fast-food supper to eat under an umbrella. A wandering storm leaves a big puddle that leads to a half hour of messy fun. puddle.JPG Raspberries begin to ripen, only to be snatched off their branch at the mere hint of pink. At a neighborhood art fair, hot dogs on the sidewalk are the lunch of choice with out-of-town cousins. cousins.JPG You remember how well you get along with those cousins. The anticipation of upcoming vacations camping and relaxing at the lake is nearly unbearable. Play dates with friends, long before nagging boredom sets in. Passing bedtime by to catch "firebugs" with Daddy.

And rediscovering with your children the joys of early summer before the dog days come.