father's day and sputnik

Every once in awhile, J will come whispering in our ears, "Should we build a fire tonight?" and Brian rarely misses the chance. He's got a thing for fires, and he seems to have passed the trait to his son. So when J asked tonight, it seemed a fitting way to end a perfectly fine Father's Day.


Several years ago, Brian was driving to work. (If you haven't checked out the ReStore link over in the sidebar, you should. There are ReStores all over the country and they are so very cool.) Anyway, passing someone's trash pile, he noticed a big 1970's fireplace complete with screen, hoisted the huge thing into the back of the car and took it. He gave it to the store to sell. Later in the day, he described it over the phone as "something you'd lay in front of on a green shag rug, listening to your Hi-Fi." o. k.


The next day I was down at the store looking at something unrelated and saw it. I flipped out! "Don't we need this for our patio- for an outdoor fireplace?!" He yanked it off the floor, explained to everyone that he was un-donating it and that was that. We've been hanging out in front of it for years. It's absolutely perfect. The tall flue directs the smoke up above your head, and the golden-rod yellow is very retro hip. It is hands down our best trash pile find ever. And we have many of those such finds in our home.


So tonight we made a fire in Sputnik, as we have named her, as our homemade ice cream churned. J could hardly wait for it to finish, and my Dad and Mom came over for a bowl. Mmmm... nice Father's day.