tucker, the bt3 imitation

I really wanted to play the back-tack game this time around, but I was silly and lazy and missed the sign up. So Tracy agreed to do the swap with me anyway. We decided we'd follow the same rules and stick with the same time frame. The best thing about missing the sign up is we could break the rules a bit and be tardy. Absolutely no pressure. Ahhhhh.tucker So, here's Tucker. He's got a t for Tracy, but all along I kept thinking of him as a boy, hence the name Tucker. He's made from Jenny's scotty dog pattern, as I'm no expert softie maker and don't know how to design the softies on my own very well. Thank you, Jenny! I really like his clean lines and simplicity. I broke the rules by adding more than one accent color on his Posie-esque collar and he only has four buttons. Gasp! But I think he's pretty cute and was fun to make. Click here to see him lookin' all cool sunning himself in California. bags for the bugs Of course I had to make something for Tracy's little bugs. So I stitched up some quick little bags with ribbon handles. I know, white isn't the best choice for two young girls, but they're completely washable. I tucked a couple of pocket book appropriate candies in them. Oh, and I sent Tracy some licorice hard candy that I found at the dollar store. I think licorice is a hit-or-miss sort of candy, either you love it or hate it, so hopefully someone out there will like it. (I love it.) I couldn't resist the black and white package; it went so well with Tucker. I've said it before, you've GOT to coordinate.