one hundred and a give-away

Well, can you guess what today is? Indeed it's my 100th post.

mayfly tag

Some of my non-blogging friends just don't understand. They say, "Uh, geez, you sure have put a lot of work into your blog." And when they do, I am secretly proud. It is work, especially keeping up with all of my friends' blogs. And that's just what I consider you guys. Friends. So in celebration I'll tell you 100 things I like about blogging. Just kidding. How about 5? •Inspiration The beautiful things my fellow bloggers create take my breath away. Knitted things, sewn things, painted and drawn things. Photographs. Your homes. Your families. Wow. I was in a bit of a creative slump, but through your creativity, I am rediscovering my own. Thank you. •Motivation I'm prouder than ever of my creative skills. I haven't sewn this much in ages. There's a little pressure to put new things up on the site, and I like that. Instead of watching worthless TV in the evenings, I spend much more time being creative. And when I'm immersed in such beautiful things, places, and people, it really makes me want to live a more artful life. When I set the table, plan a meal, take the kids on outings, make something new, arrange a room, I try to stand back and think, "If I took a picture right now, would this be blog worthy?" It sounds a little frivolous, but I'm hoping it is something that will make a difference in our lives. •Community This crafting community is just amazing. I feel like I have made friends with a lot of you. It's like having pen pals with similar interests all over the world. We get to visit each day and we don't have to wait by the mailbox for weeks. Through blogging I have become closer with old friends and made tons of new friends. And swaps are just incredible- oh, the generosity out there! •Intellectual stimulation I'm a work from home mom. I miss co-workers. You all have become my co-workers. Saying things to Brian like, "My blogging friend so and so, just did such and such" used to get me some funny looks, but now he gets it. I know I may not be as eloquent as some, but having the task of writing a little everyday is good for me. I want my posts to be interesting, or at least not too boring, and you can only say "lovely" so many times in one post! •Record keeping I don't know how long I'll be blogging, and although I really enjoy it now, I know there will come a day when it becomes a chore. So until then this blog is a nice record of my family's days. Already, when I look back at the early posts, N looks so tiny- and bald.

craft/work apron

So now, the give-away. I'm hoping I have enough readers to pull this off, but last night I made this craft apron. It was inspired by Courtney's craft apron, which is marvelous. I made my version a little longer around, not knowing who it will need to fit. It's thick and has pockets, and I prewashed everything together so hopefully it's done all the bleeding it needs to do. What? You're not the crafty type? Use it for a work apron, a gardening apron, or for cooking. All you need to do is leave a comment and include your email address in the appropriate field. I'll draw a name in a week or so and it will be yours. It doesn't matter if you live across the planet or a few blocks away. Please enter! It's my way of saying: THANK YOU!! And I do.