good deal :: long break

I am so incredibly tickled at all the people who commented on my 100th post. Thank you so much! And if you haven't yet, be sure to, so you'll be entered for the apron drawing. (Ahem- that's means you- my St. Louis friends and family!)


My mom and I found this tiny rocker at a garage sale just now. It's perfectly N sized. I love second hand stuff for many reasons. First, the "mystery history". How many babies have plopped down into this seat? The more the merrier! Second, fixing up something and giving it a new life is thrilling. My thought here is to clean it, paint it, and make a little cushion. I'm envisioning a simple little patchwork number. Third, you just have to love a great deal. $2- Can't beat that! This week I've been crushing pretty hard over some teeny tiny things. So fun and fascinating. But I've never even had a dollhouse. Until now! At the same garage sale we found this suitcase style dollhouse. There aren't many rooms, but it has a working door and garage door and already J has set up shop making roads leading up to it with painters tape and is busy driving cars in and out. I'm tempted to sand it a little and paint it up, all gingerbread-house-like. It's kind of nice just plain how it is too. Clean it up a little and be done. Hmmmm.... I can't decide. Either way, it's a baby step into the dollhouse world. Not to overwhelming.


garage.JPG bathroom.JPG

And just so you know, I'm taking a long break from the computer next week because we have some fun family plans. I'm sure I'll be twitchy for the first day or two, but then it will be nice. I'll be back next Monday. So this means I probably won't even be publishing comments. But PLEASE feel free to leave them, especially to enter the drawing! I'll announce the winner on Monday, July 3rd. Thank you again for dropping by and hanging out!