looking good, feeling frazzled

pendantWhen I got back from our trip a little package was waiting for me! A few months ago, I made a smock for Tie One On, and Molly commented and said she wished she had one. So I told her I'd make her one if she'd send me one of her pretty stoneware pendants. It is so perfect for me. Even better in person, it's minimalist modern, a little hippy, very cool. I look good.blues and greensShe also sent a few little extra bits of fabric and some yummy chocolates. Don't the fabrics looks pretty together? What should they become? Here is my problem. I've been having that feeling lately, the one where you just can't keep all your thoughts straight. I have lots projects going on at once and I have a few "orders" for specific items with real deadlines. I bet you money I have my anxiety dream soon. I always dream the same dream when I feel a bit frazzled. It goes like this: I'm in high school and I don't know my schedule. I go to ask for a copy, but I can't even remember where the office is. When I find my way to class, I haven't been there in months, so I'm completely unprepared for the test we're about to take. Do you know this dream? For WIP Friday, here is a picture of a few of the things I'm working on and contemplating working on: to do list 1. The rocker: sand, paint, sew a little cushion 2. The craft apron: box up to mail to ms. vegasandvenice 3. Molly's smock: pack up and mail 4. Girlie fabric: make bonnets for baby and big sis gifts 5. Canvas: paint a little bird for a swap with Foffie 6. Flower fabric: sew a skirt for myself- I deserve it! 7. Pattern from Babybug and fabric: sew a dress for N 8. Cake tin: personalize for my dad, I've been sitting on this forever! 9. Horse and gingham fabric: sew an apron for a horse loving girl Not pictured: my apron for the Apron Swap, a softie my friend ordered for a shower gift, a stool for a little girl who is potty training. Huh. I thought writing it all out might make me feel better. It sure didn't.