wrapping them up

Happy Monday, friends!I'm feeling a little less frazzled. Brian watched the kids most of yesterday and I got a lot done. The apron for the What's Cookin' Apron Swap is completed (and pretty cute) so I just need to put my recipes down on some nice cards and that's it. Off it goes! To where? You'll have to wait until Friday to see. Here's a sneak peak: hint.JPG I got two other packages all ready to go too. I'll be off to the post office tonight so my new friends Molly and Christine won't have to wait much longer for their goodies. I've made plans to start the other items that have deadlines this evening, so hopefully by the end of the week, I'll feel a little more caught up and I can start some fun projects like the skirt for myself and the little rocker. Have a great week!