the never-ending project

We are slowly fixing up our house. Being do-it-yourselfers, we are always working on something. In the three years we've lived here we have redone both kids' rooms, the kitchen, the office/work room, the guest room, the sun room, the dining room. We're currently working on the living room, remember the hole in the wall? It's still there. And I'm also spiffing up the laundry room. We got a call from Jorge today. He's the guy who is going to help us remodel our main floor bathroom. He wants to start this weekend! Weeee!yellow wallsThis is the bathroom that ALL of our guests use, and it is bad. Not good bad, bad bad. Click on the image to see a few more Flickr'd before pictures. When Jorge called, it set in motion a frenzy of activity. Brian has been tearing up the bathroom all evening. I have been transferring all of the kids' bathroom things upstairs and locating stuff we been hoarding from the ReStore. We've got a pedestal sink, a faucet, floor and wall tiles, lights, and a towel rack that have been waiting patiently in the basement for today's call. bad vanityI'm so excitied about all of this. It's the first time we've hired anyone to do a remodel for us. Jorge has helped us with a few things, mostly working for a few days and then going, but this time he'll work on it and in a few weeks, not only will we have a much lighter bank account, we'll have a new bathroom! Then comes the fun stuff: painting the walls, picking out new towels, making a shower curtain. The plan right now is to keep the marble tub. It is in pretty good shape and I'm thinking it will look much better if we feature it, not drown it in a sea of unflattering yellow. The new floor tile is a medium gray-brown and the wall tile for the shower is barely off white. I'll probably go cream or very light tan for the walls and keep all the color in the accessories. Maybe a nice greenish-turquoise for the towels. Or dark red. Or coral. Hmmm... the possibilities are thrilling. The only stinker is I'll miss my book club tomorrow getting it all ready. Book club night is one of my favorites of the month. Good food, wine, book and life discussion with a bunch of great women. Bummer. But it will be worth it.