another bt3 impostor

This little hen perches demurely on a linen hankie because she's much too proper to sit on the dirty, bare picnic table.


She arrived here last weekend from Tracy, and I am just so smitten with her. I won't let the kids even touch her. Remember Tucker? She's his partner in crime, weaseling their way into the bt3 fun. Tracy also sent us a few sweet treats and two tiny little IKEA stuffies, which N promptly smooched and adopted. We have a thing for chickens around here. My dad has chickens which we love, even if they only love us at feeding time. But this chicken is far too stylish and classy for those dirt scratchers. Sitting and looking pretty is her main pastime. And pretty she is. Thank you, Tracy! Absolutely adorable. Look at Tracy's pictures of her in her more natural environment here.