technical difficulties

Blogger is still haunting me.A few days ago I clicked on an old post, one of the ones I transferred over from my old weblog on Blogger. The pictures that Blogger hosts wouldn't load. After a little investigation, I found that some of them loaded sporadically, and some not at all. And now, none of them load. I emailed Blogger's support team and they said they now block their hosted pictures when accessed from a non-Blogger site. Good grief. Hmmmm... too many people leaving, transferring files just like I did, are they? I wonder why?! The old entries are just weird without pictures, so as of today I'm going to delete those old transferred posts. Is that confusing? If you're at all interested in what I was up to before April, please feel free to check out the old site. But I apologize now if Blogger is acting all wacky.