this is baby on quilt


Meet Baby. He's the ring leader of J's three "guys". Baby has been with J since birth. He's well loved; he's been washed about a hundred times and repaired almost as many. Looks like it's about time for another bath. Baby is going to help me out. I'm studying him, trying to figure out how to sew a three dimentional head for a softie I'm making for a friend. I have the body figured out, but that darn head. J saw me looking at him, and I explained it but instead of a lamb, I want the softie to look like a bear. Laughing wildly, J said, "Mommy, he's not a lamb. He's just a guy." Ahhh... sweety. Look at the lovely quilt top Baby is lounging on. Just because I need a little more to do (ha.) I pulled this out today. A friend got it at a yard sale and gave it to me. The variety of color is great. All of the old fabrics- Yum.


After spreading it out and seeing N get all snuggly on it, I just knew it should be the quilt for her future big-girl bed. But what to do? It's all hand stitched and not well. I'm trying to decide if I should embrace the frayed edges and puckery-ness of it all or unstitich it and redo it on the machine. Any advice? Either way, I need to back and quilt it. Oy. It's been awhile.