wednesday is veggie day

Wednesday is the day my dad drops off our CSA veggies. We're really enjoying it this year and making a big effort to eat every bit that arrives. We split the subscription with my parents, so they take half of everything.

Here's what we got today:
veggie day

Corn, carrots, one squash (my dad kept two others), cucumbers, two melons (my dad took the cantaloupe), tomatoes (my mom grows her own so I kept them all and my dad took all the crazy, long purple beans.) This evening we had a meal of grilled chicken breasts, carrots sauteed with a little butter and brown sugar, and batter-dipped squash fried in a little olive oil. The kids ate every bit, albeit they both dipped their carrots in ranch dressing. But that's ok. They're terribly skinny little things and could actually use the fat. Tomorrow night we'll finish up last week's green beans and new potatoes with a little onion. I love our CSA for several reasons. It great to buy local- less energy used and pollution produced from the transport, everything is organically grown, and it's all so darn healthy and yummy. Plus it's cheap, especially since we share with my parents. If I were to buy this produce at Whole Foods all summer, it surely would cost tons more. Mmmmm.