a last hurrah

lake trip 2005
Lake of the Ozarks, 2005

Our annual family trip to the lake is next week. We'll be there with Brian's mom and dad (Maw Maw and Da) both his sisters and their families, and his Aunt Sharon. Sixteen of us total; it's a small turnout this year. The week will be filled with swimming, cooking, eating, laughing, fishing, relaxing, eating, possibly a little boating, wiffle-ball tournaments, and eating some more. All of these activities will be swirled together with the squeals and squawks of our children and the smell of sunscreen and bug spray. It's always a great week, action-packed and relaxing all at the same time. And the timing of it this year is really making it feel like Summer's Last Hurrah. When we return, we'll have one week to do laundry, get haircuts, adjust to new bedtimes, pack up the backpack, and unbox the new shoes. It's big time change and excitement- J starts Kindergarten. We found out today that he DOES get to go to the grade school we wanted him to attend! Hooray! So this morning we took his list to Target and picked out his supplies, then went to Old Navy for a few pairs of stiff, dark new jeans. (Second-hand jeans in good condition and in the right size are hard to come by.) It seems fitting with these two events ahead of us, as suggested by sweet Hannah, to set a few goals for myself for this vacation week and then into the next. I'll let you know along the way how I do.

On vacation: •Relax and read. •Really enjoy my children. •Let the rules and bedtimes bend a little. •Take tons of candid pictures (and not just of people!) •Play hard, sleep heavy.

The week after: •Enjoy a few more summer moments. •Eat dinner on the patio. •Start the getting up early routine. •Meet J's Kindergarten teacher. •Make it through get-acquainted day and the ice cream social with composure.

Have a fun and safe weekend and a wonderful week next week too!