thrifting overload

Can these shoes be back in style, please? I found them at a thrift store this weekend. I LOVE them, and they're surprisingly comfortable.dr scholl's I wanted these or a pair of wooden clogs when I was in the third or fourth grade, but my mom wouldn't let me have either. She said I'd break my arm. When my friend Wendy Scott got some clogs and tripped going down the stairs, guess what she did. She broke her arm. It didn't help my case one bit. I found quite a few nice thrifted things this weekend. One is even a big piece of furniture that needs some love. The problem is I love the thrift store a little too much. I find great used things, most of which we need or can use, but I've been going overboard lately. Our fabulous summer is winding down. We've taken several vacations and spent a little too much. Suddenly I'm feeling the need to pare down and tighten the ship. With the arrival of a new season and the beginning of the school year, I want simple. Less clutter. And I'm dying to finish some of the things we've started. Fall cleaning- it seems to be a new trend. Today is the office/workroom. We've also set some new spending rules and a few of them will affect my blog-life. First, I'm putting a temporary moratorium on swaps. I love them, but those little projects and postage can add up. Next, I'm self-imposing a Use What You Have period for the rest of August and all of September. I have plenty of projects to work on and my fabric stash has been slowly growing. I bet I could cover every surface in the house with patchwork. And I just might.