birthday apron

My niece Jill just turned two. I made her an apron with a patchwork pocket. With plenty of growing room, it should last awhile. Heaven knows with two older sisters, she doesn't need more toys or clothes. My reluctant model looks quite fetching, I think.
super (apron) model
Hannah got me thinking about gift-giving and how it has lost some of its charm. It seems that sometimes we give gifts out of obligation not thoughtfulness, and I want to change my approach. It's not that I don't appreciate store-bought gifts from others. I do! But I have always enjoyed the thought and work that goes into making something for someone; I ought to do it more. I'm going to try to make nearly all of my presents or support fellow artists and buy their handmade items. I'm guessing most of my friends and family will appreciate this more anyway. The only wrinkle in this plan is that I can think of very few 6 year old boys who'd appreciate a handmade patchwork apron, or a painting, or cute little bag as a birthday gift! So I predict I'll be buying some rockets and Transformers along the way too. Of course there will be oh-so-much planning and making to do for the winter holidays. I better get started soon!