w.i.p. to be

(and a peek for Angela.)When Angela requested that we flash her a quick peek of our living rooms, I didn't play. Our living room is a disaster. Brian is starting to make progress on the hole in the wall, but it is still not quite done. The wallpaper is semi-torn off the walls. Plus all of the extras (sink, plumbing parts, tile, grout, drywall scraps) for the bathroom remodel are still stacked in there by the fireplace. You don't want to see it. Trust me. So instead here's the sun room: world's longest couch (before) I posted a picture of this room a long time ago on my old site. (I took this picture last winter. Look at the snow in the yard!) This is where we do most of our living. The television is in there in the corner on the right, you can't see it from this angle, and the cabinets below the shelves on the left hold the kids' toys. The door to the back patio is on the right, and it opens and slams shut approximately every 30 seconds. This is a high traffic room. So my w.i.p. is the couch. Purchased second-hand at a consignment shop, it is perfect for us. It's 9 feet long, super sturdy, and so comfy. We call it The World's Longest Couch. One of us can lay flat and there is still room for two more of us at the other end! The problem: the fabric is bad- 1970's garage sale bad. So I have a big project; I am going to sew a slipcover for that couch. Now's the time. I'm going to tackle it this weekend. I've had the fabric quite awhile- a heavy, washable, light khaki fabric with a nubby canvas/linen feel. How long do you suppose it will take me to finish? Wish me luck. Please. Have a great weekend everyone. And may your projects go smoothly as well!