-- thank you --

First, let me thank you ALL for visiting, for leaving such nice comments, and for sending get-well vibes when I needed it! I'm feeling so much better.

-- thank you, Stephanie --
I REALLY lucked out and happened to visit Little Birds just at the right time. I scored a whole bunch of fabric scraps. Some big, some little, all wonderful. I have already used some here and here, and photographed some here. Thanks, Stephanie. You're my blogging idol. (I'm guessing she hears that a lot.)

-- thank you, Molly --

I was among the winners of a drawing Molly had to honor her own birthday. She's sweet like that. In the mail came this wonderful vintage curtain panel. Thanks, Molly. And congratulations, dear.

-- thank you, Angela --

Angela is one of my first blogging buddies. She's generous and talented and a GREAT mother. She's also been named the Thrifting Queen. So when she ran across these cowboy sheets, she offered them to J. I immediately wanted to cut them up and make something else, but he is just tickled with them. For now, they'll be living out their destiny as... sheets. She also included some lovely little fabric scraps in the package to fuel my patchwork obsession. Thanks, sweet Angela.

-- thank you, Leslie --

I only recently started getting to know the very talented Leslie through her blog. I won another drawing and received these note cards. Aren't they just the cutest?! You've got to visit The Paper Princess and check out all of her stationary. So flippin' good. Thanks, Leslie.
I told you this blogging community is generous!