good boy, good photographer

I've been trying to give J a little extra time the last few days. We're having a few issues already at school. There is a boy in his class who is having some trouble, severely acting up, getting sent off the the principal several times a day. This boy has even kicked one student in the nose and spit all over another. The last few days, J has been talking a lot about "the mean boy" and acting up a little himself in class, which is so unlike him. After much prodding, I think I may have figured out that he is a little impressed with the attention this boy gets. The wrong kind of attention.Back to the point, I have been trying to give him some extra attention at home. He loves to take pictures, so this afternoon I gave him my camera. Here is a shot he took of me in the yard as we waited for the Blue Angels to fly over. We heard the rumbling but never actually saw them. portrait of mommy He took this one of his muddy bicycle wheel. Pretty nice, kid! I have submitted it to a Year of Color for him. muddy bike wheel His photo shoot quickly deteriorated into taking about 20 shots of cars going by, but I picked out a few for a Flickr set. I think he might get a kick out of seeing them in a slideshow. Anyone have any ideas about a inexpensive and DURABLE digicam for kids?