a little better

new friends

J had his new friend over after school. They ate peanut butter sandwiches, played pirate ship outside, and painted pictures. He was so nice and polite to both his friend and me. "Mommy, can we please have more oranges?" "Mommy, can I show him my bedroom?" "G, do you want to make art?" He was perfect. Sigh. The situation with that wild little classmate at school is not good. He's a bad influence on our good kids. It has really been bumming me out for a few days. Yesterday, J made a little girl cry when he pinched her arm. And it almost made me cry to hear a second bad report. But today's report was much better. We're talking and talking about being calm and kind, and not acting up because other kids do. All I can do is explain it to him, be consistent with his punishment here when he is mean to his sister, and give him a little extra love when I can. And hope for more good reports. The nagging nervous feeling in my stomach is easing up. It is also helping that the weather is ab. so. lutely. perfect. (Good for taking deep breaths outside.) And I went to yoga last night. (Good for the stress.) And I just lined up three new painting jobs. (Good for the checking account!) Here's to good weekends all around!