sports fans -- small repairs

my boys

My guys love their sports. The conversation usually goes like this: J: "Hey Dad, wanna hit some baseballs?" Bri: "Sure, kiddo." (Brian never has the heart to turn him down.) J: (As they walk out the door) "And then we can play soccer, and after that we can play football, and mommy can pretend to tailgate and then we'll play catch and then..." Thus begins the kicking, running, jumping, throwing, and inevitably the tackling, tickling and giggling. It's so sweet, you could eat them up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

a few repairs

My "to make" list has gotten very long. I have lots of orders pending and several birthday presents to make. I've chosen to avoid it all together by taking on something very simple. Do you have a pile like this? A stack of clothing that needs minor alterations or repairs- a split seam here, a stain to cover there. Maybe a strange logo to hide. It's nothing a green polka dot space shuttle won't fix. As soon as I'm done with this pile, for the love of Pete, I'm going to get started on the bigger projects. If you've ordered something from me, I haven't forgotten. It'll be done right away. Well, soon. OK, soon-ish.