dark green

The weather is still cooler and so enjoyable here. We are loving playing outside again. Here's a photo for A Year of Color. Looking up, the sun is bright, but the leaves stay a nice shaded, dark green underneath. These Tulip trees haven't started losing their huge leaves yet. But once they get started they do it quickly. The other photos are just because I adore these babes.

sunlight through the leaves
playing outside

Speaking of trees, walking around the block, I've decided we might have the biggest tree in the neighborhood. The old Elm tree. She's great. If she ever gets sick or dies, we'll be crushed- emotionally and maybe financially too. I don't even want to think about it. On an unrelated note, I'm feeling guilty for thinking badly about J's classmate. He came to the park with a bunch of us yesterday, and yes, he's a wild in class, but he's also very sweet. His mom is as well. They are having a pretty hard time. He did a great job playing with all of the kids. She said he always does much better outside, and don't we all?! Before leaving, he gave J a big hug. I can only imagine the stress they go through worrying about him and his behavior every day. Hang in there, buddy.