one really exciting w.i.p.

read.JPGSomething exciting is happening around here: J is teetering on the brink of reading! Brian always has his nose in the newspaper, and I'm a book junkie. J loves us to read to him, but for the last several months he's been itching to do it on his own. Sparking his interest even more is the fact that some of his friends at school are already reading fairly well. He knows the letters and their basic sounds and is just beginning to pick out words by himself, but I needed some help in how to instruct him. After consulting Brian's cousin Kara, who tutors kids, and my one homeschooling friend, I ordered this book. So far the lessons are easy and short, and he's really enthusiastic about them. I'm hoping with the reading lessons I give him and the lessons he gets at school, he'll be reading in no time flat. OK, OK. No pressure. Maybe by the end of the school year... Go, Jie. Go, Jie. One other very exciting thing happened this morning. They fixed our curb- Ooooh, ahhhh! A few big saws + a backhoe + a little steam roller + a dump truck = spellbound children. quite the excitement Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy the first official days of Fall. (or Spring!)