Homemade Chia Pet Day One:sing it with me... Something should develop with these guys soon!
Added, 3/26/08: HELLO, lovelies who arrived here via The Crafty Crow... I never posted directions for these funny fellows: Find an old nylon stocking. Drop a scoop of grass seed in the toe. Stuff a handful of mulch in next. Tie it off tightly in a knot, so it can't shift around in there. Paint on a face. Or draw one on with a Sharpie. After the face is dry, place the chia pet (knot side down) in a little saucer of water. Keep him wet and in the sunlight and the grass seed will sprout up through the stocking. I apologize for not taking an after photo- part of what makes these guys so funny is the hair is very unpredictable. It can come in in some crazy patterns. Have fun!