we're still here

Well, my little blog break became longer than I intended, and there's still not much new to say. Brian had a ReStore convention in Denver at the beginning of last week, then the end of the end of the week was spent getting ready for a quick trip to St. Louis for some family time and a Cardinals game with good friends. We're back now and I'm working on a few custom sewing orders, so hopefully soon I'll have a few pretties to show you.

the artist at work

While in St. Louis we picked up my old digital camera from Brian's mom. I totally forgot I gave it to her to play with, but then we all pitched in and got her a new one for Christmas. So now it is J's. Enthusiastically snapping shots out in the yard, he has already this morning filled the memory card three times. (No school today.) I've picked out a few to add to his Flickr set. I wonder if there are photography classes for tiny kids. Here's a lovely little portrait of N that he took.


Happy Monday, friends!