my mother's daughter

My mom is incredibly talented. She's artistic and handy and hard working. She's an environmentalist, a nurse, a political activist. The one thing I did not inherit is her cooking skills; she is one outstanding cook. She can whip up incredible meals from nearly nothing. It's amazing.I asked Brian last night if he was disappointed that I can't cook as well as my mom. He said, "I kind of thought you'd grow into it, but you just didn't." Hhmmpht. Now I'm not a bad cook, and I've always said if you can read, you can cook. But there is some basic meal-whip-together gene that missed me. Must skip a generation. Timing everything well is her other true talent in the kitchen. Everything finishes up flawlessly. She told me once that would come with experience. I've been cooking on my own for how many years? 15? Still hasn't happened. But I'm trying. Plugging away. Baking bread. Fixing dinners. Making sweets. The organic veggies arrived yesterday (our last week- sniff.) and as she stood there with me in the kitchen looking at them spread on the counter, she made a meal suggestion. stirfry.JPG I cooked the tiny little potatoes in a pan with red peppers, onions, and a couple pieces of bacon, added a splash of red wine vinegar, a dash of salt and pepper, and at the very last minute, some chard to wilt in. We ate it with buttered, toasted tortillas. It was pretty yummy. Definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks, Mom.