picture day

Hair combed, face washed, J just trotted off for school picture day. Hopefully they'll take the Kindergartners first. I have the picture day episode of Charlie and Lola playing in my mind this morning. The one with the muddy shoes and paint on her face and pink milk on her dress, but the really nice smile... so adorable, but in J's case, all too true.Speaking of school pictures, here's Da, Brian's dad, in the first grade at Little Flower School in St. Louis. Nice tie, cute stuff! Da We'll be having a long, busy weekend around here. Maw Maw is coming to watch the kids so Bri and I can make serious progress on the bathroom (almost done) and living room (not even close). We'll also be headed for the Apple Fest Sunday, so there will be photos to share next week! Here's to great weekends, all. xo