** Added 10/10/06- Well, I'm done making the changes and I've settled down. Thankfully, everyone in their family is safe and sound. But the mere thought of something scary happening made my head spin. I guess it has been on your minds too judging by the comments. Enough said. Now let us move on to something much more pleasant. ** Hi everyone. Feeling a little blue this morning (and maybe a bit paranoid) but Stephanie has removed her old blog from circulation and will no longer be talking about her children. I hope something bad didn't happen. I have been contemplating this for awhile, and I wonder why I didn't do it from the start, but I'm going to be referring to the kids as J and N from now on. And I'm going to go back and change all my old entries. It is a strange world we live in and unfortunately there are creepy people out there. I thought when I started this that only a few people were reading, most of them family, but as more people have started reading, I'm feeling a little weird about putting the kids so "out there." A little too vulnerable. For now I will still be including them here. How can I not? They are such a part of who I am. I'm just going to be making some small changes to my sites that might make it just a bit harder to track them/us down. I know, it's not much, and bad people have their ways of finding stuff out, but at least I might feel a little better. Thanks for understanding and please ignore all the old entries that may pop up in Bloglines as I make all of these changes. Better safe than sorry.