soup days

Lately I've been dreaming of soups. stews. chili. On a cold and rainy day like today I just had to have some. A memory of Amy's Potato Cheese Soup popped into my head this morning and refused to leave.

warm soup

This soup was delicious. (Too bad my photo is not as nearly cookbook ready as Amy's.) It is the perfect comfort food. I didn't have oyster crackers, saltines worked just fine, but as we ate, Brian and I decided that a little piece of french bread cheddar toast laying on the top soaking up the broth would be a perfect touch. Next time. And there WILL be a next time. The kids even ate this soup and I have a heck of a time convincing them to eat most. I hope the weather stays cool this week. I have more on my mind. Tomorrow? Chicken and dumplings.