costumes of halloweens past

Our big Halloween party went well last night. This was the ninth year. Gone are the days of moving the furniture to create a dance floor, 2:00 a.m. conga lines, and kegs of cheap beer. As more children join the mix it gets earlier and tamer. But that's fine by me. I am having so much fun reliving Halloween through these kids.I didn't get pictures of J and N in their get-ups, but I will Tuesday for the real deal. J always comes up with the wackiest ideas for his costumes and this year is no exception. You'll see. He's a goof ball. (Look at him two years ago as a mail carrier. I swear. He picked it on his own and was he ever a hit.) Actually, I didn't take any pictures at the party at all. I don't know what got into me?! I guess I just felt too busy. I'm wondering if a day will come that they won't want me to make the costumes anymore, choosing a store-bought one instead. That'll be a sad day for me. There's usually lots of polyester felt and glue involved and thrifting for various components. I have a great time putting them together. And then when they try them on for the first time- oh, I could just eat them up!


Since many last minute projects were finished and the house is still fairly clean, we're recovering nicely. We plan on spending all of today lounging around, watching football and napping. Boy, does it feel good. (Click on any of these photos to see them a little larger.)