good stuff :: little contest

Good stuff on Halloween:Breakfast with Maw Maw and Da. A very excited boy asking if today was the day. Twenty-one Kindergartners marching in a costume parade. A little ghost trying to eat a cupcake through the hole in his sheet. Pipe cleaner spiders. Goody bags. Jack-o-lanterns glowing. A fog machine fogging. A wee red cape. Baby Skittle breath. Taking her home to get serious about the gathering of candy. Overhearing this: "Trick or Treat. Thank you. Don't you have Snickers? Da wants Snickers." hey there... what are you? The little contest: We heard a lot of this, "Hi, there! Uh, what are you?" I guess J's costume isn't as obvious as I thought. So, the first person who correctly guesses what he is will win a little handmade surprise. I'm not sure what, but I'll think of something.(And don't play if you already know cuz I've told you. Or you asked him. At our party. Or on the phone. You know who you are.) Someone already guessed correctly this morning! He is a fire ant! Releia, I'll email you soon for your postal address. Thanks!! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween too! And much luck to you dealing with the tummy aches and sugar-induced tantrums.