in the bag

purse for Nee-Nee

I've been doing pretty well with my personal challenge of making thoughtful gifts. This little bag is for my niece who just had a birthday. In the spirit of compromise, I tucked a few DVD thingies for her Video Now player inside the bag. By the way, picking out these little videos made me feel way old and out of touch. I had no idea who any of the teen singer/actresses were. Except Britney. And no way- I won't go there. Sydney is only 7, she's the perfect combination of girlie and sassy, but I don't want to help push her in any way towards slutty/creepy/icky. I've been in the planning stages of Christmas gifts for quite awhile. Making lists, deciding on fabric and materials, making sketches. I've got a few more things to finish up in my studio (I'm having issues calling it a studio, but it sounds so much more artsy than office), and then I'll get started. The thing is, I can't exactly post photos of them as I go... the recipients might be reading. So forgive me in advance if things get even skimpier than usual around here in the project department. Hope your week is going well. Did you vote today?!