one down, one to go

I finally finished the bear my friend Heather ordered.another bear She's a cousin to this bear. You can read Heather's sweet comment on that post and you'll understand the significance of the purple dresses. This gal is feeling playful in her jumper with criss-cross straps. Now to finish up the baby doll my friend Katherine ordered at the end of August (I know. I'm bad), then I can start my Christmas gifts. Time is flying here. I'm starting to get a little nervous but haven't had the dream yet, so that's good. And I've got a plan, which involves Brian taking a couple of his vacation days, so that's good too. Honey, did you hear that? Please?! Ok, then. You guys all have a wonderful/relaxing/productive/exciting/restful weekend. You pick the adjective. I'll just be toiling away, hoping you find what you need in the next few days. xo.