I break for turkeys

Well, all. All has not been well here. My sweet J had a rotten day Friday, which quickly evolved into a nasty fever, which has left in its wake a puzzling case of night terrors. Completely new territory. And wee N had a head cold and poor mommy hasn't gotten a thing done. Except rub tummies and wipe noses and administer meds. At least it's good to be needed. They're both feeling better, and we're hoping J's night terrors wind down now. Mommy and Daddy are tired. Thankfully, he remembers nothing.turkey1.JPG Tomorrow I need to prepare for our Thanksgiving meal here with friends and family- a nice day of children running crazy in the yard, an enormous meal and maybe even a dominoes tournament. In fact, I'm going to take a long blogging break into the weekend to enjoy the holiday and catch myself up. May all of your turkey (or tofurkey) be juicy, your cranberries tart, and your belts loose. Love to all.