blogging lite

We had a great Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, love, good food and and gratitude. One low spot though. News came that an old friend passed away after a rough battle with cancer. One of the sweetest humans to ever walk the earth. Sigh. Makes me even more thankful, but breaks my heart for his sweet wife. He was way too young.I did get my dominoes game in. Many actually. Many, many. dominoes.JPG He loves it. And is good. Watch out. Guess what?! I met Amy and her family last week. We ran into each other at a nearby park. They were here visiting for a quick holiday. And sweet Bea, all strapped in her seat in the car, smiled at me and said "hi." She really is a cutie. Next time, dear Amy, we MUST get together. This week I'm planning a Blogging Lite® week. (term inspired by a friend.) I'm getting serious with the gift making and don't want to get sidetracked. Maybe I'll just post a few photos here and there. Katherine... are you out there? I'm almost done with the baby doll. And if you're expecting a package from me? They'll be out soon. I promise. Have a great new week, everyone. Take good care please.