snow day #1

First, thank you all so much for the soup suggestions. We went with a nice cheese, potato, broccoli combo. But I will have to try some of Robyn's taco soup soon!Brian took the day off so that I could get a jump on my holiday gifts. Instead J had his first official snow day from school with Daddy, while I struggled to concentrate because of the sore throat and fever I developed late last night. I'm a little improved this evening (thank you, ibuprofen) but am hoping to feel much better tomorrow maybe even without the medication. ice (and snow) day Here's J trying out his snowball maker in the little ice pellets that fell last night. He'll get plenty more practice tomorrow (his second day off). I'm guessing we have for or five inches of snow on top of the ice. Stay warm, everyone. p.s. Don't forget to visit Shari's very brilliant Compound Word Project if you haven't already. Guesses are due tomorrow!