where I left off

Hello!I struggled (and I mean Struggled) through Friday alone with the kids, collapsing into a heap as soon as Brian got home. Several times during the day J said, "Mom, I think I want Daddy to come home now." I decided if I didn't feel better when I got up the next morning, I'd go to the doctor. Sure enough, after dragging myself up there Saturday, I had Strep Throat. I've never had it before and man, that's miserable. They gave me a prescription for the wonderful and magical gift of modern medicine, a "Z-Pack." By Sunday, I was once again functioning, with a migraine from all of the dehydration, but functioning. poinsettia.JPG And yesterday, I was myself- hollering at kiddos, sewing faces on baby dolls, decorating the house, but worrying terribly about a little family that I don't know. I have been slightly obsessed with this story. As soon as I heard they found Kati Kim and her children, I cried like a baby. I think it's just seems way too familiar. So many times we've been off on some camping adventure, with our little ones strapped in our wagon, on some winding highway, semi-lost, no cell phone service. We could be them. I desperately want this to have happy ending. Please find him soon.