holiday time

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!dragonfly.JPG Isn't this garland with the dragonflies nice? It's from our local Ten Thousand Villages. I love it. It's "all year worthy" I do believe. Deep breath. The dolls are done. almost. The gifts are purchased. The errands are finished. The bags are nearly packed. It's our year for Christmas in St. Louis and we're off this afternoon. It's time for rich food, sweets and more sweets, family ruckus, quiet time after the kids crash, gifts all around and love. I am READY. I'll be taking a break from this site too, maybe until the new year has arrived and my head is cleared. (Just in time for the Kim Family Auction. Have you seen the wonderful things that have been donated? Wow. Save your Christmas pennies!) I'm sure I'll still be puttering around at Flickr, posting pictures of the kids and their cousins getting into trouble together. Happy Holidays, friends. Warm and snuggly wishes to you and yours.